I am fourteen

and my skin is pale

the boy I live to see

every day has a smile

that brightens it

I don’t go to class

what if I don’t graduate

mom has a problem

with the school district.

I am fourteen

and I’ve danced forever

but parties are not my thing

I need an education

to get a job

suppose I don’t graduate

mom has a problem

with the school district.

I am fourteen

and how the battle affects me

its hard to explain

It’s done with my interests

in mind

But mom has a problem

with the school district.


This photo shows a girl at a masquerade ball and she is looking around and she sees someone she thinks she knows. After watching for a little while she decides to take off the mask and get a closer look.

The picture is the captured moment of when she is taking off her mask.

What can be next?

I just finished reading a book called “Swan Town” by Michael J. Ortiz. It is a book written in the point of view of Shakespeare’s daughter, Susanna.

I think the author wrote this book because he wanted something new and different out there. I don’t think there are many books written from his daughters point of view. You always here about Shakespeare and what a great writer he was, but you don’t really hear or learn anything about his family, or how they lived while he was away in London working. The theme of the book, I think, is really telling what it might be like to be Shakespeare’s daughter. It tells about the way life for her and her family was, about how her little brother died, and the sacrifice her uncle made. Although it may not be exactly correct of how she lived, its a good way to get a feel of it.

In 1916 a young boy, just three years older than me, was murdered.  He was brutally lynched and burned alive by a mob in Waco, Texas.

When I read the story about Jesse Washington, I felt sick and shocked. I knew people did things like this, but I never knew it was to this extent.  For Black History Month, we learn about people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks, and I think that is a good thing, but I also think we should be learning about people like Jesse, and what it was like for them. He was only 17 when he was killed.










This is a photo of Jesse after his death. Here is the link for where I got the photo.

The reason for this post is because in school we are not doing anything for Black History Month, and my mom wanted me to do something. Tomorrow I will be looking at accomplishments.

   For my “English” class, my mom is having me read Swan Town. It is a book written in the point of view of Shakespeare’s daughter, Susanna. She writes about how women are not allowed to be in the theater, and how much she wants to be. The reason for me reading this book is, since I was studying Shakespeare in school, my mom thought it would be a good book for me to read.

    Right now,what  my teacher is teaching/showing in class, my mom does not think is appropriate for school because it shows teenagers nude and having sex.  My teacher does not answer my moms emails, so until someone decides to talk to my mom, this is what I’ll be doing.

“Why shouldn’t my goose sing as well as thy goose when i paid for my goose twice as much as thou?”

Those are some lyrics of a warm up we do in choir. Which is a class that I started this week, ya know, it being the first week of school and all.

Well the first day I got lost… a lot. The second day I got lost… not as much. The third day I only got lost once. Today I got lost all over again because I got a new schedule. Tomorrow I will also get lost because I got a new algebra class… Fun isn’t it? But everything should calm down starting Monday.

Every year my Mom take pictures of all of us on the first day of school. So here are my pictures from the last three years (in order) from 7th to 9th.

What if I was… the size of this plant?

I could sit under this tree and chant a chant..

I could play under this tree and dance a dance…

I could be under this tree and sew some pants…

What if I was… the size of this plant?

I could see the world in a whole new way..

I would fall asleep, just so i could see it in another day……….



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