In my dance class today, my teacher taught us part of the Charleston Dance.

As part of my assignments, my mom had me go online and find a video of the Charleston that I liked and post it.

So I did 🙂

Here it is.

The Charleston is a dance that originated in the 1920’s. It started after a musical song called “The Charleston” took off and the dance for it became wildly popular.

In this video, the dance is different from the part that we learned. In our steps we had to bend down and touch the floor, but I still really like this clip. I find it interesting the way they move. The dance was created by Kathryn Wilson, and was often thought of being associated with flappers, and being provocative. The women that danced it were often making fun of the Prohibition.

I think it’s changed from being provocative, to just being a fun dance to learn and perform. Which is exactly what I am doing.


So last weekend the talent scout Kim Meyers came to Alaska to hold auditions. I decided that I wanted to audition for modeling. I wore a white sweater with black pencil dress pants and read high heels.We went to the mall where the auditions were being held and watched some of the others audition first. I was really nervous at first, but when I got on the stage, it wasn’t that bad. I did my walk and then had to go to the judge table where Kim was sitting and find out if I got the callback or not. See, when you were done auditioning you walked up to them, and they handed you a piece of paper, it either said yes, or no. Do you want to know what mine said? It said “Congratulations, You have received got a callback”! It was one of the coolest feelings in the world to know that I got called back.

Later that day we went to the callback at the address given. Looking around the room, there weren’t that many there compared to how many showed up at the mall. When it started, Kim talked about the ARTS, and what it was. Also about how, even though we were all just sitting there, she was still auditioning us, and after we left, she was going to go through all of our applications and pick out the ones that she wanted to invite to Florida to go to the ARTS. ARTS stands for “Applause Rising Talent Showcase”. click on the link to find out more. We were told that if you got picked to go to Florida, you would either receive and email or phone call from Kim saying so. If you were chosen, you had to go to a Q&A the next day.

We waited, and waited, and waited, and we still hadn’t heard anything, so I thought that I wasn’t picked. Until about 10 o’clock my mom got an email saying that I had been invited to the ARTS showcase down in Florida!! I was so excited I literally jumped. The next day we went to the Q&A and listened to people who had gone to ARTS before, and listened to their stories, and about how things would work out. Afterward, we had a week to confirm that we were going to take the trip to Florida. After discussing it, we decided that i was going to go to ARTS in Orlando, Florida in June, and just today, we confirmed it.

“Why shouldn’t my goose sing as well as thy goose when i paid for my goose twice as much as thou?”

Those are some lyrics of a warm up we do in choir. Which is a class that I started this week, ya know, it being the first week of school and all.

Well the first day I got lost… a lot. The second day I got lost… not as much. The third day I only got lost once. Today I got lost all over again because I got a new schedule. Tomorrow I will also get lost because I got a new algebra class… Fun isn’t it? But everything should calm down starting Monday.

Every year my Mom take pictures of all of us on the first day of school. So here are my pictures from the last three years (in order) from 7th to 9th.

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i saw a DIY video for a fringe skirt and decided i wanted to make a fringe shirt.

“The Seer of Shadows” is about a young boy who gets into some trouble, with the help of his mentor, of course.  The story takes place in New York City in 1872.  The main characters of the story are Horace Carpetine and Pegg.  Other characters that are highlighted in the book are Enoch Middleditch and the Von Matchs.

Horace Carpetine is  the apprentice of Enoch Middleditch who is a photographer.  Horace is kind of shy in the book.  Through out the story he doesn’t really change at all i think.  Pegg is the unpaid servant of the Von Matchs’.  She is the one who later in the story is befriended by Horace, and helps him.  Through out the story Pegg becomes less shy as she gets to know Horace.  Enoch Middleditch is Horaces mentor.  In the story he tries to scam the Von Matchs’ for more money by making it look like their dead daughter was in the photograph with Ms Von Match.  The Von Matchs’ are the wealthy clients in the book.  Eleanora Von Match is the deceased daughter, otherwise known as the ghost bent on revenge.

In the book the Von Matchs’ come to Enoch Middleditch to have Ms Von Matchs’ photograph taken to put on Eleanora’s grave.  It was supposed to calm her soul.  The actual purpose of the photo of Ms Von Match was the scare away Eleanora’s ghost, and keep her from coming back.  Enoch has the idea to make it look like Eleanora was in the photo also, and that way the Von Matchs’ would pay to have another photo taken, just to make sure.  But what Enoch didn’t know was that Eleanora really was back. And she was out to kill.

I wanna die. My mom says I can’t. I wanna die because i feel like crap.

My throat hurts and i sound like a frog when i talk.

I feel like crap and i wanna die, but i cant because my mom will cry. Boo Hoo.

F ashionable

A dventurous

V ery cute

O ut going

R espectful

I rrisistable

T alented

E cstatically awesome

G ood singer

I ncredible

R ighteous

L oving

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