HEllo! So, this week I started take baking classes called Bakery Boot camp at UAA aka the University of Alaska! so far we have made cookies, bread, sweet rolls, pretzels, bagels, and pizza, and we are only two days in.

Here is some stuff that I have made, and brought home to make my family fat… (haha)

A blurry but overall picture of what I made today in class.

Sweet Rolls…

….The leftover sweet roll dough that we didn’t use, but baked anyway….

…braided bread with poppy seeds…

…and more bread…


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Laying on that grass, looking at the sky, along comes a balloon way up high.

It was covered with dots, of all sorts of colors, flown by kids, probably brought by their mothers.

If you look to the left, maybe a yard or two, you’ll see a horse, along with its shoe.

Down on the ground families watch, a sparkle of awe in the children’s eyes.

The balloons take their journey, up in the sky, they float across the park, and every one waves good-bye.

They land gracefully, maybe with a thump.

These balloons will stay grounded until it is again, time to fly.

My Red Velvet Cake with Pink Butter Cream frosting

My Dino cake with Vanilla frosting and Chocolate Kisses

My Vanilla Cake with Chocolate frosting

This is a fairy that i drew for my mom, about a year or so ago i would say. The reason i drew it for her you ask? Well some might call her crazy, and some might call her out of her mind, but my mom believes in fairies.

So this is basically what i think fairies would look like if they did exist. My mom thinks they are the mosquito eaters, and when she brings them into the house so they won’t freeze, it drives me crazy.

But that’s just the price you have to pay for having a mom that thinks like a kid.

You could say I was playing hide and seek

But what I was really doing was hiding from the camera

For if i did not, we would not get anything done

The Hair is so Long

The Way it Hangs Down my Back

Just Call it Perfect