“The Seer of Shadows” is about a young boy who gets into some trouble, with the help of his mentor, of course.  The story takes place in New York City in 1872.  The main characters of the story are Horace Carpetine and Pegg.  Other characters that are highlighted in the book are Enoch Middleditch and the Von Matchs.

Horace Carpetine is  the apprentice of Enoch Middleditch who is a photographer.  Horace is kind of shy in the book.  Through out the story he doesn’t really change at all i think.  Pegg is the unpaid servant of the Von Matchs’.  She is the one who later in the story is befriended by Horace, and helps him.  Through out the story Pegg becomes less shy as she gets to know Horace.  Enoch Middleditch is Horaces mentor.  In the story he tries to scam the Von Matchs’ for more money by making it look like their dead daughter was in the photograph with Ms Von Match.  The Von Matchs’ are the wealthy clients in the book.  Eleanora Von Match is the deceased daughter, otherwise known as the ghost bent on revenge.

In the book the Von Matchs’ come to Enoch Middleditch to have Ms Von Matchs’ photograph taken to put on Eleanora’s grave.  It was supposed to calm her soul.  The actual purpose of the photo of Ms Von Match was the scare away Eleanora’s ghost, and keep her from coming back.  Enoch has the idea to make it look like Eleanora was in the photo also, and that way the Von Matchs’ would pay to have another photo taken, just to make sure.  But what Enoch didn’t know was that Eleanora really was back. And she was out to kill.