March 2010

At my house, my bedroom caught on fire, personally, it was terrifying.

The cleaner guys, after they cleaned my room, they had to gut my room.


Here is a website about plants, it has articles, videos, and inter actives.

Just yesterday I planted some plants. So far I’ve only planted,







and Begonias.Here I am picking a pot to useHere I am filling the pots with dirt

I am not quite sure what I am doing here, my mom didn’t get the picture high enough

These are some of the things that I used

More supplies

Here I am putting dirt into the pots that I am going to useHere I am holding a Begonia Rhizome, you can see the two white stumps, those are where the flower is going to grow, so we have to face those upwardThese are some of the plants that my mom was already growing.  The white pot is growing spaghetti squash.  We had it for supper one night and my mom planted the seeds.This is growing from butternut squash seeds from a different supper.

As I go along, I will take pictures and post them, but for now, this is all. 🙂

The childhood of the kids in the early 1900s was not anything like today.  I read Factory Girl by Barbara Greenwood.


In the early 1900s, many families were very poor. While the parents were working, there was usually not enough money coming in to support the family. So many of the kids had to drop out of school at a young age, and find a job to help get money. Filthy factories were usually the only place kids under the legal working age could get a job.

Young boys are risking their toes to replace to spools

If the Inspector of the factory found out about this, he would shut down the factory, and the children would lose their jobs. In factories it was very dangerous. The men that worked there were allowed to smoke, and that was dangerous because there were flammable scraps all over the place. If there were a fire, it would be hard to get out because of the many people there, but also because the windows were boarded up. Young boys would usually go to the dump to look for things that they could sell, or use for their family, like a tea-pot that is in good shape. Sometimes, when the boys earned enough money, they bought as many newspapers as they could, and sold them on the street to make even more money, but if some papers were not sold, it was a waste. Little children sometimes went out scavenging coal for their families to use, often pushed by an old wagon or baby cart that they found.

For children, there weren’t any playgrounds for them, so they played in the streets. In the streets, there were sometimes dead animals crawling with bugs where the kids played, and it would sometimes be days before it was taken away. The people who had money, had plumbing and running water. The people who didn’t have money have to go to the bathroom in a bucket, and walk sometimes long distances to get some water. For families who lived in alley ways, a room was often turned into a kitchen, and a bedroom.

Living like that was not a good and healthy way, and people died because of it. Now, as you can see what I said was true. Childhood in the early 1900s was harsh compared to now.

I am doing a project about my great-grandmother and I.

On a site called

I am making a collage of her and I together, showing how much we look-alike.

So far I have just finished the photo, and moving on to what it was like to be 12 and working for a living.

First I will write a short essay on the book Factory Girl, then put in the photo of my great-grandmother and I, Finally, I will record every thing I’ve done onto my blog

My Tessellation from,

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1. Clean up my room

2. Make my bed

3. Get dressed

4. Look at notes mom left me on both blogs

5. Look at pictures of China fashion, modern and ancient, then draw some

6. Have mom look at them, then probably scan them in

7. Put all my shoe notes together, and any stuff I missed, before mom takes the books back

8. Put my notes into or onto online software that organizes it

9. Look over everything I’ve done

10. Eat a snack

11. Get ready for bed

12. Sleep……”zzzz”

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