(Mom bird with food for babies)

          A while ago my little brother built a bird house. Not to long ago a family moved in! At first it was just one, as time went on we kept checking on her. One day we saw something else in the house, EGGS! That’s when my little brother got excited. We would go to the bird house and look at the eggs, but not to often or else the mom might abandon the eggs. Last week my little brother was looking in the house when he made a discovery, the eggs had hatched. So off course I went outside to look at them. At first i didn’t see them, but i heard them. If you stood in front of the house long enough they would start chirping because they thought you were the mom. After i got the step latter is when i got to see them. When you look in they open up their mouths for food. It’s really cute.

          Now, less than before, you can see BOTH bird parents going in and out with food.