Cat, Dog, Bunny, and Camillian were all ordinary house hold pets.

And all were owned by the same little boy, Tommy.

But one day Tommy’s family decided to go on a family road trip through Arizona.

There wasn’t quite enough room in the car, so all of the animals were put in a big kennel in the back.

Tommy’s dad wasn’t really paying attention when he was loading kennel, and one of the hooks to keep it closed came undone.

The back was so full, that the door wouldn’t close, so they had to tie it shut.

It was still open enough for a person, or lets say an animal to fit through.

And so the trip began! the road was bumpy so with every little jump the car did, more of the hooks on the kennel became undone until all of them were unhooked.

As they were leaving a pit stop, the jolt of the car starting again pushed Cat, Dog, and Bunny agenst the unclosed door, the result, them piling on top one of the other on the dirty ground.

Camillian, who is still left in the kennel, is always the one who doesn’t want to be left out, so he jump out and landed on top of the pile of his friends.

Tommy’s family drove, away not know that their pets were out of the car, and left them in the dust, (literally).

To Be Continued……