April 2011








I wanna die. My mom says I can’t. I wanna die because i feel like crap.

My throat hurts and i sound like a frog when i talk.

I feel like crap and i wanna die, but i cant because my mom will cry. Boo Hoo.

Coffee can be bitter

Coffer can be sweet,

It always goes with sugar,

but never with your tea.

Coffee can be dark,

Coffee can be light,

You can use a mix,

and waste less of you time!

and reading this book, Ride Into Morning.

1.  Civil wars divide families.  How has it divided the families in this story?

Because she doesn’t believe like her family, they send Mary away to live with her brother. When she made him mad, he sent her away to live with her cousin and aunt.

2.  Abraham tells Mary that compromise is a necessary commodity, but not all the characters agree.  How do Mary, Tempe, and General Wayne feel about compromise?  How do you feel about it?  When should you compromise, and when should you stand firm?

Tempe likes compromise, and she uses it a lot. Mary doesn’t like it, and tries has hard as she can not to use it, when she does, she goes on like it doesn’t bother her. General Wayne I’m not so sure about. When its Wednesday and my dads shooting shows are on, but I want to watch tv, is when we compromise. When it’s not Wednesday and he takes the TV while I’m watching something is when I should stand firm.

3.  What does Mary mean when she says that everyone is part and parcel of the whole of their life experiences?  In what ways have your life experiences determined who you are now?

I think she means, that everybody have small bits and pieces of life experiences and mold you as you go.  My life experiences have made me more cautious of people.

4.  Mary tells Henry, “Sometimes it helps to air old ills in the sunlight.”  What does she mean?

Sometimes its good to bring up old problems and talk about them.

Mom says:  What happened that would make you cautious of people?  Maybe we should bring it out in the sunlight.

My Boston Cream Pie


The cake my older brother made.

Step one, fold and cut.

When you cut the design you want, you unfold it.

Until you have unfolded the whole thing.

And there ya go!

This is a Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Sign. Do you notice the similarities?

You can find more of these signs, and read about them at this website,