This book was very interesting. It was good enough to keep me on my behind for two hours reading it at the library. It had magic, and drama, a few of my favorite things.

In this family, every one is born with magic powers. Once you get to the right age you can choose to accept the powers, or reject them. This book is about the story of a girl names Millicent. She has to find ways to help without lying or else she looses her powers. It becomes really tricky when one of her friends Dad is shot dead by her brother. Will everything be all right in the end? I don’t, well i do, but your going to have to read it yourself to find out.

Here is the thing they put in the book, telling you a little bit what it’s about.

Millicent has been waiting all her life for this moment to arrive — her fourteenth birthday and the receiving of her Gift: the power to have one wish come true. For one time in her life, she can change absolutely anything she wants.

But as her birthday draws near, Millicent gets glimpses of just how much her Gift will change her life, and she begins to have doubts. She begins to wonder if such an awesome power is a gift or a burden.

Then, on a moonlit night, in the time it takes one bullet to travel twenty feet, Millicent’s world comes crashing down around her, and she is forced to face the full responsibility of her Gift.