Every day is a new day

just scanned off of the proof sheet

head shot for the program book, no make-up allowed.

to be displayed on the big screen during the photography competition

and this one is displayed on the other big screen

and the rest are shots for the portfolios to present to agents

taken April 8, 2012

at Laura Model and Talent Agency

Anchorage, Alaska


I just finished reading a book called “Swan Town” by Michael J. Ortiz. It is a book written in the point of view of Shakespeare’s daughter, Susanna.

I think the author wrote this book because he wanted something new and different out there. I don’t think there are many books written from his daughters point of view. You always here about Shakespeare and what a great writer he was, but you don’t really hear or learn anything about his family, or how they lived while he was away in London working. The theme of the book, I think, is really telling what it might be like to be Shakespeare’s daughter. It tells about the way life for her and her family was, about how her little brother died, and the sacrifice her uncle made. Although it may not be exactly correct of how she lived, its a good way to get a feel of it.

So last weekend the talent scout Kim Meyers came to Alaska to hold auditions. I decided that I wanted to audition for modeling. I wore a white sweater with black pencil dress pants and read high heels.We went to the mall where the auditions were being held and watched some of the others audition first. I was really nervous at first, but when I got on the stage, it wasn’t that bad. I did my walk and then had to go to the judge table where Kim was sitting and find out if I got the callback or not. See, when you were done auditioning you walked up to them, and they handed you a piece of paper, it either said yes, or no. Do you want to know what mine said? It said “Congratulations, You have received got a callback”! It was one of the coolest feelings in the world to know that I got called back.

Later that day we went to the callback at the address given. Looking around the room, there weren’t that many there compared to how many showed up at the mall. When it started, Kim talked about the ARTS, and what it was. Also about how, even though we were all just sitting there, she was still auditioning us, and after we left, she was going to go through all of our applications and pick out the ones that she wanted to invite to Florida to go to the ARTS. ARTS stands for “Applause Rising Talent Showcase”. click on the link to find out more. We were told that if you got picked to go to Florida, you would either receive and email or phone call from Kim saying so. If you were chosen, you had to go to a Q&A the next day.

We waited, and waited, and waited, and we still hadn’t heard anything, so I thought that I wasn’t picked. Until about 10 o’clock my mom got an email saying that I had been invited to the ARTS showcase down in Florida!! I was so excited I literally jumped. The next day we went to the Q&A and listened to people who had gone to ARTS before, and listened to their stories, and about how things would work out. Afterward, we had a week to confirm that we were going to take the trip to Florida. After discussing it, we decided that i was going to go to ARTS in Orlando, Florida in June, and just today, we confirmed it.

Copper!!! Copper is my brother and his girlfriend’s puppy. Isn’t he the cutest thing ever??! Ok, well here is a s short story inspired by Copper.

I’m a pup, yet I’m a mutt, and I love to… bark.

I can bark, yes ma’m, I may bark, let’s say at a can

I may be weird, I may be smelly,

But I’ll love you anyway as long as you rub my belly. 🙂  “ruff!”


So Saturday I went to My schools homecoming dance with my Friends. I had tons of fun, except at the end of the night when my feet started to hurt cause of my heels. I call em’ my “devil shoes”. What really bugged me though that night was only one of my friends there would dance with me, the rest of them just sat there.

Anyways here is a picture of me, Mickey, and Hannah.

(added by mom)

I went to the beach, to have a ball

I went to the beach, but had a fall

I went to the beach to play with the pup

but when I went to the beach, it would have been better to get the hiccups!

Ya see, beaches in AK are not like beaches in California. Our are full of rocks and mud and flipped over cars buried under the (mucky) sand. I went there with my brother, his girlfriend Ashley, ans their puppy Copper. I saw something in the water and decided to go investigate. As I got closer, the ground got more watery, and i ended up sinking half way up  my shins in mud. Luckily I could was my shoes.  And when Ashley tried helping me out, I fell over and got mud all over my hands, and then my foot came out of the mud…. but not my shoe. And BOY was it stuck. I know I’m never going to investigate the water, ever again.

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