I really like watching and doing different hair styles I see in videos.

This girl has a blog and videos of different hair styles.


I’m going to be trying them all very soon.


This summer I took a Cosmetology class at a place called KCC (King Career Center).  At first I was really looking forward to going to class, but once I got there I was disappointed.  All we did was sit there in the lab and do our hair. The first day she did show us a demo on how to shampoo hair, but that was it.

I hoped it would get better as the class kept on, but it didn’t. We were basically allowed to do whatever we wanted. We were allowed to take naps as long as it was on the facial beds so that way if somebody walks in and asks why that girl is sleeping, we can say she’s getting a facial. We could curl, straighten, and style our hair, but after a few days of doing that it got boring. Not to mention all the heat damage done to it in those 2 and a half weeks.

We could do manicured also, but if yours were already done, you didn’t want to take off all the work and redo it. The lights in the lab were off most of the time, so it was made even harder for all of us to stay awake. If we did fall asleep at out chair we got in  trouble. You are also not allowed to read anything in class unless it has to do with Cosmetology. Which is just a bunch of pointless magazines…. and not even the kind I like to read!

I must have read at least four books at that class.  If the teacher caught you reading a regular book, which she did with me….. a lot, she would tell you to put it away. When that happened to me, I would either read it underneath the table, or go out into that lab in the dark corner and read. If she came by, I just closed the book and pretended to do my hair.

Here is something i wrote on a piece of paper in the middle of class

By the last two days of school, i was so bored out of my mind that i didn’t feel well enough to last through the full  day of school, and stayed home  the last day because i still wasn’t feeling well.

(Photo from Anchorage School District website. The front of King Career Center, Anchorage, Alaska behind Wendler Middle School.)

The Hair is so Long

The Way it Hangs Down my Back

Just Call it Perfect