Monday’s Child

It was a usual day.

Children playing in the streets, and adults manning their stands.

When a man came up to the middle of the street and started playing a pipe.

The sound that came out was as if it was a magical spell.

The children stopped dead in their tracks, and started running toward him to listen, and the adults froze and turned to watch him.

The song the piper was playing was indeed a magical spell, but not a good one.

Once the children were settled, and the adults were comfortable, the magic began.

Every one was now frozen in time. Well the piper wouldn’t have have gone and done this for no reason would he?

Well he didn’t. Its all for a much bigger plan, and that is another story.

The piper walked away with a smug smile on his face never to return again.

And the poor people of this town will never move again.

Or will they……….?