Here is a website about plants, it has articles, videos, and inter actives.

Just yesterday I planted some plants. So far I’ve only planted,







and Begonias.Here I am picking a pot to useHere I am filling the pots with dirt

I am not quite sure what I am doing here, my mom didn’t get the picture high enough

These are some of the things that I used

More supplies

Here I am putting dirt into the pots that I am going to useHere I am holding a Begonia Rhizome, you can see the two white stumps, those are where the flower is going to grow, so we have to face those upwardThese are some of the plants that my mom was already growing.  The white pot is growing spaghetti squash.  We had it for supper one night and my mom planted the seeds.This is growing from butternut squash seeds from a different supper.

As I go along, I will take pictures and post them, but for now, this is all. 🙂