Here is Lake Otis’s 1% art.

This is a video I took of the words that are under the 1% art. The words are,

Late us take the Ribbons, Black ones from Africa, Yellow ones from Asia, White ribbons of Europe, Brown ones of the Middle East, and Red Ribbons of the Americas. With then we will weave a beautiful and sacred tapestry that cannot be soiled by our prejudices.

Here is the actual sculpture,

Here I’m standing next to the sculpture.

Here is the sculpture from the end.

Here it is from the front.

From the middle,

The whole sculpture again.

My thoughts on this sculpture is, they did well showing that all races, could, and can go together. I like how all of the ribbons are intertwined, and all the colors seem to go together. Some of them are longer than others, but they still go together. When I think about it, I have never gone to a school where there weren’t different types of races. My mom said when she went to school, all of the students were white, and everybody was moving away to get away from the integration.

There are other sculptures through out the school.  They are of the Alphabet, and the photos will be uploaded, either later today or later this week.