The list from yesterday, I got nine out of twelve things done. My thoughts on the list is. . . . . . . . .

It’s good to have a list, it helps you organize, and plan what your going to do next. The things I got done I will take off of the list, except for the things I do everyday like my algebra. The things I don’t do every day, and I didn’t get done, I will put on the list for today. When my mom doesn’t fallow her list, she forgets a lot of things, which usually includes my brothers custard, and he ends up even more grumpy than he usually is. When I forget things, I get frustrated, so its always good to do everything on your list if you have one.

Here is my list for today,

1.  Read the second chapter of Factory girl, on my own

2. Upload all photos I took yesterday

3. Review the prompts that Ms.Oherra opened for me to use in Jacks My Access

4. Work in my algebra workbook

5. Review ancient and modern Chinese fashion, and begin drawing pictures

6. Begin putting down my thoughts about high heels vs foot binding

7. Practice some more using tags in my posts

8. Read third chapter of Factory Girl with mom before bed

9. Nam three good things

10. Sleep peacefully

Mom says:  Better add “remember to use spellcheck” on there somewhere.  What do you do if you don’t get things done.  What if you are 80 years old and still have the same thing on your list?  Maybe it wasn’t important to start with, you think?