just scanned off of the proof sheet

head shot for the program book, no make-up allowed.

to be displayed on the big screen during the photography competition

and this one is displayed on the other big screen

and the rest are shots for the portfolios to present to agents

taken April 8, 2012

at Laura Model and Talent Agency

Anchorage, Alaska


I lost my marbles from my head, I lost my marbles yes I did. 🙂

On my vacation this summer I went to a marble factory. And there I bought a marble. We got to watch a demonstration on how they used to hand make the marbles instead of the machines that make them now. The guy who did the demonstration showed us how to make different things and ended up using a lot of different blow torches. It was really cool. The factory I went to was called Moon Marble, and here is their website,

(me with the marble artist)


So after reading this post I only have one request of you. Take a vacation to Kansas, and go to Moon Marble.

(my Aunt Gloria and me with some of the hand-made marbles.)

(But try not to lose your marbles while your there :D)


You could say I was playing hide and seek

But what I was really doing was hiding from the camera

For if i did not, we would not get anything done