Writing prompts

As they went on they bickered. Lets go this way, no let’s go that way.

they had pretty far.. about half way across the map I would say

when they came to a gas station. They took this time to look at the map again. Surely someone would notice

four animals at a gas station. They were in the middle of a heated argument when Cat yelled at all of them to be quiet.

She pointed to a car with a trunk that was too full and a space barely big enough for a person to fit through.

They all cheered with joy and ran to it.

They filed in one by one, and went to their spots as if they were never gone.

An ya never know, maybe they will have more adventures, but hopefully not.


One other thing that had fallen out with them is a copy of the map Tommy’s family was using.

Every body was coughing as the dust cleared and looking in shock as their family drove away.

They stood up and Camillian stepped on the map. Always being jumpy, he (obviously) jumped onto dogs back and screamed.

cat grabbed the map and looked at it, intruiged by what it could be.

Bunny then took it out of Cats hand and said

“I’ve seen one of these before, its what Tommy is fallowing. It tells humans where to go or something like that.”

Everybody gathered around.

“You see that dot? That must be where they are going!So that’s where we need to go. But….. how are we going to get there.”

“Well by walking of course, or in your case hopping.”

Dog said. After him saying that the four friends headed down the road in search of their owners.

To be continued……

Cat, Dog, Bunny, and Camillian were all ordinary house hold pets.

And all were owned by the same little boy, Tommy.

But one day Tommy’s family decided to go on a family road trip through Arizona.

There wasn’t quite enough room in the car, so all of the animals were put in a big kennel in the back.

Tommy’s dad wasn’t really paying attention when he was loading kennel, and one of the hooks to keep it closed came undone.

The back was so full, that the door wouldn’t close, so they had to tie it shut.

It was still open enough for a person, or lets say an animal to fit through.

And so the trip began! the road was bumpy so with every little jump the car did, more of the hooks on the kennel became undone until all of them were unhooked.

As they were leaving a pit stop, the jolt of the car starting again pushed Cat, Dog, and Bunny agenst the unclosed door, the result, them piling on top one of the other on the dirty ground.

Camillian, who is still left in the kennel, is always the one who doesn’t want to be left out, so he jump out and landed on top of the pile of his friends.

Tommy’s family drove, away not know that their pets were out of the car, and left them in the dust, (literally).

To Be Continued……

Susy went out side to play,

into the gazebo she went.

There a monkey with a ribbon about his neck,

drinking tea from the fine china.

“wont you join me?”

he asked.

And so the little girl did.

But when the mother came up too,

the monkey shouted

“oops! you caught us!”

But remember, its just some fun.


Mom says: I think you can do much better than this.  In  the meantime, let’s do some research on Jessie Wilcox Smith.  You say you want to be an artist.  She was a famous illustrator.

Here’s a little poem for ya,

This cake, its big and tall.

Here to see, for one and for all.

Bright colored it is.

Vanilla or Chocolate?

Well i don’t know but the first one to taste will surly tell.

Like they always say, the early bird catches the worm,

or in this case, the cake.

Monday’s Child

It was a usual day.

Children playing in the streets, and adults manning their stands.

When a man came up to the middle of the street and started playing a pipe.

The sound that came out was as if it was a magical spell.

The children stopped dead in their tracks, and started running toward him to listen, and the adults froze and turned to watch him.

The song the piper was playing was indeed a magical spell, but not a good one.

Once the children were settled, and the adults were comfortable, the magic began.

Every one was now frozen in time. Well the piper wouldn’t have have gone and done this for no reason would he?

Well he didn’t. Its all for a much bigger plan, and that is another story.

The piper walked away with a smug smile on his face never to return again.

And the poor people of this town will never move again.

Or will they……….?

continued from part one…..

Since i don’t want to turn this into a really long story, I’ll skip ahead a year or two.

The two started seeing each other frequently after that. About a year later Prince Gavin asked Natalie to marry him, she said yes. There was a grand wedding, filled with commoners and royalty all around. The day after the wedding, Natalie decided to explore the enormous castle which was now her home. She had some how managed  to find her way to the dungeon, by getting lost in the incredibly long hallways. When she entered the dark musky room, her common sense told her to turn around, to go back , but her curiosity over powered her. The room was filled with mold, spiders, and rats, and it reeked of death. When she walked over to the other side of the room, the door suddenly slammed shut, and would not open again. She screamed for help, but no body came to her aid.

The moon was up, bright, and full by the time a guard had found her.The prince became worried when she hadn’t returned after many hours, and sent a search party to look for her. When they entered, the prince stepped back in horror, shock, and being mystified. She looked beautiful, yet monstrous. In a panic, the guards attacked, forcing Natalie to run around them down the long corridors. When they finally caught her, she was cornered on a balcony at the very top of the castle, towering over the kingdom. They were shoving pointy spears and swords that glimmered in the moon light. Her only choices were to be taken away to who knows where, or to jump. She chose to jump, and with her long leathery wings took flight into the night, never to be seen again.

And she knew that she would forever and always be misunderstood.


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