In my dance class today, my teacher taught us part of the Charleston Dance.

As part of my assignments, my mom had me go online and find a video of the Charleston that I liked and post it.

So I did 🙂

Here it is.

The Charleston is a dance that originated in the 1920’s. It started after a musical song called “The Charleston” took off and the dance for it became wildly popular.

In this video, the dance is different from the part that we learned. In our steps we had to bend down and touch the floor, but I still really like this clip. I find it interesting the way they move. The dance was created by Kathryn Wilson, and was often thought of being associated with flappers, and being provocative. The women that danced it were often making fun of the Prohibition.

I think it’s changed from being provocative, to just being a fun dance to learn and perform. Which is exactly what I am doing.