I went to the beach, to have a ball

I went to the beach, but had a fall

I went to the beach to play with the pup

but when I went to the beach, it would have been better to get the hiccups!

Ya see, beaches in AK are not like beaches in California. Our are full of rocks and mud and flipped over cars buried under the (mucky) sand. I went there with my brother, his girlfriend Ashley, ans their puppy Copper. I saw something in the water and decided to go investigate. As I got closer, the ground got more watery, and i ended up sinking half way up  my shins in mud. Luckily I could was my shoes.  And when Ashley tried helping me out, I fell over and got mud all over my hands, and then my foot came out of the mud…. but not my shoe. And BOY was it stuck. I know I’m never going to investigate the water, ever again.