When Alice heads off to camp for a counselor gig, she expects to “get the little girls in my cabin feeling like one big happy family.” Sorry, Alice. Aside from campers terrified of the outdoors and older girls who won’t shower with the younger ones, Alice has to contend with Latisha and Estelle’s racially charged arguments. Fortunately, six guy counselors provide eye-candy (and skinny-dipping companionship) for the girl counselors, and Alice heads home with some juicy stories under her belt. But what a home to come back to! Her dad’s wedding is postponed, her brother’s moving out of the house, and Pamela’s long-gone mom is trying to make nice-nice by barging into the house. Thank goodness some things turn out all right in the end.

A girl whom teen readers can identify with, Alice is one character who doesn’t lose her charm! Naylor’s heroine is as fabulous as ever, with problems familiar to girls and a personality that keeps on shining. Alice makes summer camp a whole lot sunnier! Shana Taylor

Review by Goodreads