Once upon a time, there was a fair maiden, the most beautiful and elegant in all the land. She had long blond hair, tall, and flawless as thought possible.Tho as perfect as she may have seemed, she had a deep dark secret, one she feared to share with anyone. When she was born, her father made a deal with a witch in order to get food for him and his only daughter, Natalie, to survive after his wife had passed away. The deal included giving away his daughter when she reached the young age of five. So with the short time he had with her, he tried the best he could to care for her. When the witch came to collect her payment, Natalie refused to leave her fathers side, infuriating the old witch. As a punishment she put a curse on Natalie, turning her into a half bat, half girl when the moon was at its fullest.

One day when Natalie, now in her late teens, was walking through the market in order get food for her and the witch, who insisted that she called her mam, was looking at a stand full of fruits, deciding which was the best to choose. After she took her pick and paid the man minding the stand, she backed up and accidentally bumped into some one knocking their things to the ground. She quickly apologized, and picked everything up without looking at the person. When she handed them back, she saw that the person was hooded and could not see their face.

“Watch it!” they shouted so suddenly that Natalie flinched away. The hood fell of the their head, and she saw who it was. It was Prince Gavin, the heir to the throne, as soon as King Leon passed away, which was bound to be soon, because he so old, around 98 if she wasn’t mistaken. When prince Gavin’s eyes locked with hers, all the anger drained from his face, only leaving the look of being fantasized.  Gavin apologized for being so rude, and Natalie apologized for not watching where she was going, and the two struck up a conversation.

to be continued tomorrow……