Nyla was walking down the aisle of Nordstrom’s with her two best friends when they saw him. Greg Hanson. He is THEE most popular guy in school, not to mention the cutest! Unfortunately, that’s when it all happened. Nyla tripped on a bump in the carpet and fell face flat on the floor….. In front of EV-ER-Y body. And as if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, when she tried to get up, she tripped in the foot of a rack, and it toppled onto her knocking her down again. She could hear the laughter through the piles of clothes that covered her head. The next thing she knew she was being pulled up by two pairs of newly manicured hands. When Nyla looked up, she saw one thing that she wished she didn’t. Greg was laughing at her, and if he was laughing, that means any chance with him she had, is out the window. As soon as she was standing, she bolted out of the store, with her friends close behind.

Chapter 1.

When Nyla Emerson was just seven years old, she went to a wedding with her parents. That night everybody decided to do karaoke, she was fine jus watching all of the adults making fools of them selves when her dad picked her up and put her on the stage. When she was handed the microphone is when her love for singing began.