Mom says:

Do an essay in a different way.  Write your answers to this post in a different color for the font.  Use complete sentences and pay attention to the spell checker prompts.  Let’s get a picture with it linked to a site.

Who ?

AVI is a book writer. He got the name AVI when he was younger, and his twin sister called him that. He said it just stuck, and its the only name he uses. I think many people like his books, and think he is important. If you go to his website, you can find out some facts about him, and see all of his books.

What ?

AVI writes books for children, teenagers, and young adults. I have read at least two of his books, and thought they were very good.


AVI made up his mind to start writing books when he was about seventeen years old.  So if he started writing books in 1954, and its now 2010, he has been writing books for 56 years.

Where ?

He was raised in Brooklyn, New York. He gets his ideas for his stories from his family.

Why ?

In one of his interviews AVI said the reason he became a writer is because ” Since writing was important to my family, friends, and school, it was important to me. I wanted to prove that I could write.” He said it took about two years before he got his first book published

According to what I have read, the most previously published book of his is Crispin The End of Time.