I think it was last month that I planted some flowers, yes, it was last month.

Now I have taken pictures of the plants now….

Most of these are my Begonias

These I’m not sure what they are, I couldn’t read the tab, but you can see how much they’ve grown,

compared to, being seeds.These are my Zinias, they aren’t very big right now, but when they are fully grown, they will be beautiful.These plants, like the second photo I couldn’t read the tab, but look how much they’ve grown.

Once all of my plants are fully grown,

I might put a whole thing together showing what they looked like over time.

Only instead of making post over time, I make one big post.

I wasn’t sure if this plant was my moms or mine, so I took a picture anyway.I think I read the tab right, so I think this is one of my Begonias.