• In the beginning of last week, my family had a bedroom fire. Unfortunately, it was my room.
  • My mom, my brother Jack, and I were sitting on the middle floor, doing our different things. We all heard a loud bang or pop, but my mom and I thought it was my other brother cleaning his room. Jack said it sounded like someone was up in my room, so I went upstairs to go see what it was. When I got up there, I saw smoke and flames, I yelled “My rooms on fire!”, I was thinking, “Oh no, oh no, oh no, my candle caught on fire, the house is going to burn down, I’m going to get killed!” My mom came running from her area, and grabbed the little extinguisher thinking that it was like my lampshade caught on fire. She says when she got up there my bed was in flames. She told Jack to call 911 and get my dad up.
  • She was running down the stairs telling people to get their coats on. By that time my little brother, Keelin, was awake, and asking what was going on, I told him there was a fire, and that is when he got all jumpy. After Jack finally got my dad out of bed, and my oldest brother, Micheal, was out of his room, we all went outside and waited at the end of the driveway for the fire trucks to come.
  • Six fire trucks ended up coming to the house. The first few that came took their equipment and asked my mom to show them the way. Luckily, they put it out with extinguishers. If they had done it with water, we would have water damage. After the fire was put out, other firemen took out a huge fan to air the house out. After most of the smoke was gone, one firefighter asked my mom and I to come up to the room so I could identify some of the things. When we got up there, everything in my room was covered in soot, and my bedside table was all burned up, and the room smelled…BAD. After I told them what some of the things were, I went back outside. After a while, some of the fire trucks left the house. Soon it got calm, and all my neighbors went back inside.
  • Finally there were about two fire trucks left, and my parents were talking with one of the firemen. A little while longer and the firemen left. We were all frazzled, so we didn’t get to sleep for a long time. Of course since my bedroom had a fire, I had to sleep in the living room on an air mattress. My mom slept on a cot in the dinning room, Jack slept with my dad because his room had some smoke damage, and Keelin and Micheal just slept in their regular rooms.
  • So now we go into the present. Since my bedroom is on the top floor, the smoke went down, and through the rest of the house. Now my family is staying at a hotel, to be more precise, the Embassy Suites. We have been here almost a week, and I think we will be here for another. The reason my family is staying at the hotel is because the inside of our house is being painted. So,we might be here a while.

Here are some pictures of the things in my room after the fire happened.

This is the wall where the fire happened. You can see the streak of black.

This is the part of my bed that burned up, and this is only my box spring.

You can see how close the fire was to my bed, all that was left was the bed frame.