HUSH was a good book. The story was about a black family that had to go into the Witness Protection Program. The reason they had to do this is because the father witnessed the murder of a black teenage boy by two white cops. The cops got sent to jail, but the family had gotten threatening calls.
When the father tried to kill himself, didn’t it go through his mind how much harder it would be on his family if he were to die? What I wondered is, if the guys who killed the kid went to jail, why did the family have to stay in the witness protection program? Why were they in it in the first place? If everybody believed the cops that shot the kid, why would they need protecting? Unless I’m confused, and the cops don’t have you put in the witness protection program.

I think there could have been other people involved, that wanted to hurt the family for sending the shooters to jail. You said when they got the threatening calls, they weren’t from the shooters, so those people were probably the other ones that we involved.

In HUSH, the dad witnessed a murder. The person that was killed was a black teenage boy. The two cops that killed him said that he was reaching for a gun, but the dad was there, and saw the kid standing there with his hands up, not reaching for anything. The reason the cops killed the kid, was because he was black.  Because he was black, the two cops had fear. Then the fear let to behavior, which led to the boy being dead.

Now in real life, a man named Medgar Evers was killed for a similar reason. He was working to get blacks the right to vote. Since he was a black man getting people to vote, it was all about race. Both of the stories are about race. The teenage boy in HUSH was killed because he was black. Medgar Evers was killed because he was black.

Both, Medgar Evers, and the teenage boy were killed with the same reason in mind, emotion, and that emotion was fear. Then the fear led to irrational behavior, witch led to both of them being killed.