!!Rock Climbing!!


I have been rock climbing with my brothers. I am in the teen program with my older brother, and my little brother is in Kling on Kids. Rock climbing is a lot of fun, but also takes work. after every time we climb, my group go upstairs to the workout area, and do all kinds of exercises like, planks. We also have to do 40 of everything.. Everything is push ups, crunches, sit ups, leg lifts, suite cases, and lunges. After that we have to work with weights. All of this helps build our muscles stronger. After the weights, we hang on these boards, with stumps or edges, for 30 seconds. That helps build our finger muscles, wich is really important.Here I’m belieghing a climber, and talking to the instructor.Heres my little brother playing on top of the bears den, when he’s supposed to be bourldering.

Bourldering, is the warmup climbing on smaller walls without ropes. There is a whole circuit like the easy circuit. When you finish that, you move onto the mediam circuit.

Here I’m climbing the wall.

I’m the one closer to the ground.Here I’m figuring out where to put my feet.

More Next Week!!!!