Yesterday I went with my family to go see Tap Kids. This started eight years ago. They are a group of kids that tap dance. The show I went to, They danced on cookie sheets, and did the whole show like it was a high school, senior year. They had scenes on the basketball court, classrooms, detention, and the school dance.I don’t have any pictures of the kids that I saw last night, but here are others.

For more info on Tap Kids you can go to

It’s full of videos, how you can sign up, and about the kids.

Tap Kids has preformed in more than 30 states and internationally in Mexico and Holland.

.     Tap Kids began as a workshop in Tarrytown N.Y., in 2000.

.     Lisa Hopkins, and her partner, Phil Stern, held auditions for a new show called “Tap Kids”, in 2001. Out of 150 kids, only 9 were chosen.

.     In 2003, Tap Kids started touring, but only on the weekends, because they had to go to school.

.     In 2004 the more Tap Kids became popular, the more they toured. They even danced for the queen of Holland.

.     In 2006 Tap Kids preformed in 5 states in the Midwest, and thirteen venues. Also in NY, NJ, AZ, OR, TX, ID, SC, IN, AR, CA, PA, and MO. They also toured the Netherlands.