Recently, I have been making candy. But the last batch I made was for an experiment.Here are all of the ingredients, and tools to make the candyFirst we measure, and put the ingredients in the pot.

This creates a solution.  Solutions are made up of matter.  The first solution we made was sugar and water.

We used water as our solvent.

As it evaporated, we got crystals.

When you measure, be sure its exact.

Once all of the ingredients are in the pot, you put on the candy thermometor, and turn the heat on medium.

In this solution, we are adding heat to our super saturated solution.As you go, watch the thermometor.

When it reaches 300 degrees, take it off of the heat.

Quickly add in the flavored oil, and food coloring is optional.You can pour it in pans with Pam on them, or you can put them in molds.Be sure you let the candy harden before you do anything.But if you want to lick some on a fork/spoon, do it quickly.When its hardened, you can eat it.To eat it when its in a pan, you can take a knife, and breack it into chips.It will look like this when its chipped. The clear is peppermint, and the purple is cherry.

The edges of these crystals are very sharp.

The  edges of our first solution were bumpy.

The crystals do not look the same.You can see the rigid edges.

And you can put them in clear jars and give them as presents, just as containers, or decoration.