Mom says:

But where did she go?

Kim says:

Sal went all over the state, and to places like Chicago, and that’s one thing I have in common with Sal, we both have been to Chicago. In the story, Sal and her grandparents start at their home, Bybanks, Kentucky, and in the end they were in, Lewiston Hill, Idaho.

Mainly, the story is about a girl named Sal. When she was younger, her mom left, and said she would come back, but she never did. After her dad came back from seeing her mom, he told her she wasnt coming home. But Sal always belived she would. Now its her turn to see her mom, so her grandparents drive across the state to where Sal’s mom is. Sal is hoping she can bring her home before her moms birthday. As they drive across the country, Sal is telling a story of when she first moved, and she made a new friend, and got a boyfriend. While they are driving, they see places like Old Faithful, Mount Rushmore, and the Black Mountains.

This is Old Faithful

This is Mount Rushmore

These are the Black Mountains

Later in the story, when Sal and her grandparents got to Lewiston, I Idaho, her grandma had a stroke, and had to go in the hospital, but Sal really wanted to find her mom, so her grandpa let drive the car all along a very dangerous and twisty road. By the way, Sal is 13 years old. When she pulled into one of those places, where you can stop and look at the view, she decided to walk the rest of the way, because it was way to steep for her. She heard about a bus chrsh goin down this hill, so she went to the bottom to see if any of her moms things were there, because there was only one survivor. When she was at the bus, a cop came up and asked who she drove down here with. She told him nobody, then the story about her mom, dad and grandparents, and why she needed to drive by herself. The cop knew who her mom was, so he said he would take her to see her. When he pulled up to a graveyard, Sal started to cry, cause her mom was dead. When the cop took her back to the hospital, she found out her grandma died at 3 in the morning. So the cop took her back to her hotel where her grandpa was waiting for her. When they drove back to their home, Sal and her dad moved back, Ben her boyfriend, and her new best friend, were coming to visit soon, and she said the spirit of her mom lived through the golden fields of their farm.