Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. This entry I am writing about a story I read. It is about a woman named Maya Angelou, and when she met Martin Luther King Jr.

When they first met, Martin was playing a joke on her. Since she was frantically punctual, he decided he would wait for her in her office. I personally

didn’t get the joke, I think maybe, it would be like he beat her to her office, and something like she was late. Anyways, when they were talking, he asked

about her brother. Since her brother was in jail, she was afraid to tell Martin about him, because she was afraid he would stop being understanding.

When she told him all he did was bow his head and looked at his hands. He didn’t stop being understanding, but I think he was disappointed.

Mom says:

What Maya Angelou poem did we watch and listen to on You Tube?  Can you figure out how to load that here?